Rigas Dizelis – Gensets for mission critical applications with CHINT power components

SIA RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG develops, manufactures and assembles power generation equipment.
Rigas Dizelis

SIA RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG develops, manufactures and assembles power generation equipment – diesel generators and propulsion systems – for a wide range of applications. The company's supply chain comprises 30 countries. We design and manufacture products for land, marine and defense applications, and all components must meet the relevant standards and requirements.

The control systems supplied by SIA RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG use CHINT electrical solutions, including NB1 series mini circuit breakers and NM8 series MCCB circuit breakers.


The customer's goal is a global market:

Wide acceptability of the components used in the world market. Technical solutions that enable flexible customization and serve as a roadmap for future product development.


Klinkmann's solution – design in cooperation with the customer:

Klinkmann consulted and was involved in designing the necessary CHINT solutions for Rigas Dizelis systems. Special attention was paid to the selection of globally acceptable solutions and components. CHINT design tools and libraries enable easy management of products and documents.

Our project and our customers' requirements vary, but two factors remain: the need for widely acceptable technical solutions that must be cost-effective for both us and our customers. We use CHINT solutions in our projects to ensure fast project management and continuous development.

Edgars Dzenis Head of Business Development and Marketing at SIA RIGAS DIZELIS DG

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