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Finn Electric co-design team supports and assists in optimal surge voltage and lighting protection meeting various international requirements. DEHN is the global market leader in the market segments of electrical protection: overvoltage protection (SPD), lighting protection and earthing, as well as installation safety device. DEHNsupport software tools and Finn Electric co-design support and protection training help you to design protection for your device and/or installation – to meet the requirements of the global standards and markets.


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Always the right protection solution

DEHN products and solutions are ingeniously designed to meet the international standards and requirements for electrical protection. Our safety equipment and protective gear ensure safe installation and maintenance across various environments.

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Surge Protection for Power Supply Systems

Red/Line – Surge protection for power supply systems.

More information about Power Supply System and Choosing the Right Surge Protector

Generator junction box for PV systems

DEHNcube 2 YPV protects inverters and PV modules from surges.

The prewired system solution DEHNcube 2 YPV provides safety to the PV system. The generator junction box is available for 1MPPT and 2MPPT applications, as well as commonly used inverter types.

One advantage for your work: The push-in connection terminals or cable glands with multiple sealing inserts reduce the installation effort.

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DEHNguard MP

Push-in: Simple, clamp? Safe!

When good gets even better: The DEHNguard MP surge arrester is now available with integrated terminal device protection and practical push-in double terminals. Saves time and space.

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DEHNrecord SD

Clever. Standard-compliant. Multifunctional.

DEHNrecord Smart Device (SD) is the multifunctional measuring and analysis device for monitoring power quality in low-voltage systems. This allows tendencies and problems to be identified at an early stage to prevent damage and disruptions in the long term. Standard-compliant according to EN 50160.

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The new DEHNventil effortlessly replaces equivalent older devices, thus providing the maximum guarantee of future compatibility. Additionally, all DEHNventil models are now equipped with a remote signalling contact, which simplifies product selection significantly.

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DEHNcord 3P

DEHNcord 3P protects wall boxes. Electric vehicles should always be available and charging equipment is supposed to function perfectly. Modern mobility demands it. Here, it is important to take the danger presented by surges seriously. They can paralyse the entire charging system and damage any vehicles connected.

A far cry from the ideal of carefree mobility.

This is why surge protection is so important. The standard now also envisages surge protection for charging systems.

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Decoupler DASD

Protect employees, limit overvoltages, prevent AC corrosion.

The decoupler DASD provides protection against transient, temporary and long-duration overvoltages.

This means:

  • Protection against impermissibly high touch voltages for people working on the pipeline
  • Protection for systems and components
  • Protection against AC corrosion 

This has the advantage that the desired cathodic protection potential (DC potential) of the pipeline is not negatively affected.

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Protect your PV system from lightning and surge damage.

DEHNcombo YPV - a varistor-based type 1 + type 2 combined arrester - protects the DC side of the inverter, combiner box or PV modules.

Particularly interesting: This arrester is universally applicable, meaning that it can be used for applications ranging from small rooftop to multi-megawatt systems.

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DEHNguard ME DC Y 950 FM

DEHNguard protects direct current applications up to 950 V

DEHNguard ME DC Y 950 FM with DCD technology was specially developed for use with DC power sources. DCD, the DC switching device, safely disconnects the protective device in case of overload.
This combined type 1+2 arrester promises maximum system and operational safety throughout the entire life cycle of the electrical installation.

Product highlights

  • Specially designed for DC systems
  • DC switching device – now also in the combined arrester
  • Universally applicable – with and without external lightning protection
  • Modular design – modules can be replaced individually
  • Zero leakage current
  • UL approval
  • With floating remote signalling contact

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Equipped for the future: Surge protection with ACI technology

The new ACI Technology Advanced Circuit Interruption – improves the safety of your electrical systems.

New: The switch / spark gap combination in type 2 arrester DEHNguard ACI makes upstream fuses superfluous. As a backup fuse is no longer required, you save time, space and material.

A further bonus: you eliminate possible configuration errors made when selecting and dimensioning a suitable backup fuse.

Reduce expenses and make your system safe!

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Up to 400/690 V DEHNguard SE CI 440

DEHNguard SE CI 440 - for main voltages up to 400/690 V

With integrated backup fuse!

In the type 2 surge arrester DEHNguard SE CI overvoltage protection and backup fuse are combined in a single device. An enormous benefit considering the dimensioning of the switchgear cabinet and in case of retrofitting. Thus, safety can be increased and costs can be saved.

Choose the appropriate arrester for your application.

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Specially developed for installation on the DC side of PV systems, this arrester fulfils the requirements of EN 50539-11*. As such, it reliably protects PV system components like inverters or PV modules from overvoltage.

Universally applicable type 2 arrester with high protective effect

The arrester is available in two different voltage versions ≤ 1170 V and ≤ 1500 V making it universally suitable for all system configurations - for rooftop and free field systems.
This arrester scores with its low protection level at a high rated voltage providing excellent protection for the terminal device.

Replacement of protective module without tools

DEHNguard M YPV is modular which means that no tools are needed to exchange the modules. This is also a big advantage when conducting a dielectric withstand test as it saves installation time.

*EN 50539-11: Low-voltage surge protective devices – Part 11: Requirements and tests for SPDs in photovoltaic applications

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DEHNcord 3P with disconnection function

Small and compact arrester with full performance – Ideally suited for LED mast lights

Space in masts or fuse boxes is often limited – Therefore it is difficult and expensive to install protective devices.

This is where DEHNcord 3P comes in. Its compact design is particularly suited for restricted installation situations.

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DEHNshield with remote signalling contact

Lives up to what other arresters promise!

Protection of terminal equipment with wave breaker function: The lightning impulse is reduced to a minimum so that there is hardly any energetic stress on terminal equipment. DEHNshield ... (FM) takes up only 4 standard DIN modules and is thus ideally suited for DIN rails where the available space is limited.

The combined arrester is available with remote signalling contact and can thus be monitored through your factory master control system. This ensures that faults are identified at an early stage and promptly eliminated.

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Voltage-controlled decoupling device VCSD

Avoid AC corrosion, limit overvoltage, protect pipelines and people

The smart decoupling device VCSD 40 IP65 (Voltage Controlled Smart Decoupling Device) protects pipelines and people from long-duration, temporary and transient overvoltages. Long-duration AC voltages are limited to a preset value by the voltage-controlled short-circuiter of the decoupling device.

The advantage: This does not negatively affect the desired cathodic protection potential (DC potential) of the pipeline.

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Surge protection for electric shadings

DEHNcord R 3P type 2 arrester

Electric shutters and Venetian blinds should offer comfort and ease of use. Time-controlled, brightness-controlled or operated via mobile phone... "smart" shutters and blinds are often already standard. These sensitive electronics must be protected.

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Lightning Protection / Earthing

For protecting buildings from mechanical destruction caused by lightning effects
and the associated risk of fire.

More information about Lightning Protection and Earthing

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HVI light plusThe all-rounder for insulated lightning protection

The high-voltage-resistant insulated down conductor provides advantages for installation and planning. This makes the multitude of product properties combined within it possible: the integrated protection against electric shock, the unnecessary additional equipotential bonding connection, the approval for use in hazardous areas, an inner conductor of just 16 mm2 and much more. This makes it suitable for a wide range of lightning protection.

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Non-sparking equipotential bonding bars

The basis for safe system operation in potentially explosive areas.

Equipotential bonding systems form the basis for safe system operation.
To eliminate potential differences and prevent dangerous touch voltages, all electrically conductive parts must be connected to the equipotential bonding.

Lightning currents are particularly dangerous in hazardous areas.
To ensure that employees and facilities remain safe, the operator is obliged to provide protection in this area.

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DEHN railway earthing

Protect people - Ensure reliable rail traffic

Railway earthing includes the entire earth-termination system for all structural components of the railway infrastructure.

The main purpose is to protect people in the railway environment and to ensure reliable rail traffic.

DEHN offers components from a single source.
From railway earthing to building earthing and safety equipment products.

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Variable sealing end in HVI Lightning Protection

Switch to the new sealing end system and reap the benefits:

With the variable sealing end system, you are much more flexible during installation and save valuable space on the roof. Rigid specifications concerning the separation distance are a thing of the past. This simplifies your day-to-day work and reduces installation time and material expenses.

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Clamps for Antenna Systems

Safely earthing and protecting antenna / SAT systems

Functional earthing of the antenna / SAT system provides safety - for you and your customers:

  • You protect people from injury
  • You prevent technical outages, fires and expensive damage to buildings
  • You fulfil normative requirements 

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Mounting bracket for sloped roofs

With this corrosion-resistant (StSt V2A) mounting bracket you can mount air-termination systems on metal roofs with slopes of up to 53°. Simple. Plumb. Clean.

Giving you the flexibility to meet various everyday challenges on the building site.

Perfect for sloped and arched roofs. For both the HVI Lightning Protection System and conventional air-termination rods.

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Equipotential bonding in Ex Areas

Consistently effective equipotential bonding

It is a fact that you, as the system operator, are responsible for the availability of the system. Equipotential bonding must be consistently effective. 

In practice, however, conductive parts of the construction or cable tray system are often defined as “equipotential bonding conductors”. These do not guarantee the required safe, consistent and permanently effective electrical connection. Problems soon arise, particularly during structural alterations when, for example, conductive system parts are removed or isolated.

Systematic safety

The system solution by DEHN serves to create a ring / radially connected equipotential bonding to be mounted on cable tray systems. It ensures consistent equipotential bonding.

Conductive system parts and electrical equipment like power units, motors, field devices, sensors, etc., can be effortlessly integrated in the equipotential bonding -  protecting both people and systems.

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Maxi MV clamp

The Maxi MV clamp makes work much easier.

Welding is no longer necessary. You don't even need a torque wrench. Any conventional wrench can be used for safe and secure installation because the screw head simply tears off at a pre-defined clamping force.

So you save time and manpower.

A further advantage: Correctly mounted clamps do not have to be marked. This facilitates documentation and prevents application errors.

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Parallel connectors for ex applications

It is becoming more and more common to install ring equipotential bonding conductors in the hazardous areas of industrial plants.

This parallel connector Cu/gal Sn is specially for connecting electrical equipment and closing the ring equipotential bonding.

It has been tested to be non-sparking up to the designated residual current. On installation it is fitted with a spring washer under the nut to prevent self-loosening (in accordance with the requirements in DIN EN 62305-3 Supplement 2).

Tested as suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

  • Ex zone 1/2 (gases and explosion group IIC) and
  • Ex zone 21/22 (dust)

This parallel connector does not possess any potential source of ignition (mechanical device) and as such does not fall under the European Ex directive 2014/34/EU.

It is therefore suitable for unlimited application in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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DEHNclip rebar clip – installation without tools

Quick and safe connection of the earth electrode and the reinforcements

DEHNclip is mounted without tools, the advantages are obvious:

  • Simply snapping in saves time
  • You can no longer lose screw and nuts during installation

Easier to install

Thanks to its compact design, you can use this clip in places which are otherwise difficult to get to.

You need less space and carry less weight in your vehicle and on the construction site. Since less material is used, resources are conserved, and the environmental impact is minimised.

Good to know: DEHNclip hardly sticks out on the reinforcements and is therefore, in most cases, suitable for use where the concrete cover is relatively thin.

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Safety Equipment

In order to fulfil the current requirements for safe working on electrical systems, we are continuously enhancing our portfolio. 

Discover the highlights of our safety equipment and arc fault protection product range.

More information about Safety Solutions and Personal Safety Solutions

Five Safety Rules

Dead working in and on electrical installations can be life threatening. To prevent electrical accidents, please observe the following five safety rules of the German standard series EN 50110-1.

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Arc Fault Protection

A risk assessment helps you identify the risk of arc faults at an early stage. On this basis, you can take the appropriate measures to prevent arc faults and reduce the effects of arc energies.

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Personal protective equipment (PPE)

The functionality of the DEHNcare personal protective equipment against arc faults and high-pressure water jets has been meticulously designed, so that work can be carried out in a relaxed and comfortable manner. Because only personal protective equipment (PPE) that is worn can provide effective protection.

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DEHN protects IT-systems

Surge protective devices for information technology.

More information about DEHN protects IT - systems

Surge protection for IT systems (Yellow/Line)

DEHN Yellow/Line surge protection portfolio comprises surge protective devices for information technology devices and systems of buildings, process plants and telecommunication systems.

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DEHN Solutions


Safe – efficient – standard-compliant

From the wall box to AC/DC charging stations right through to high-power charging parks and bus charging stations: we offer comprehensive protection concepts and solutions to plan, build, check and operate these safely, efficiently and in a standard-compliant manner.

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Safety for modern buildings

Lightning and surge protection are essential components when it comes to protecting people, preventing fire and guarding against the failure of important networked systems.

Protection measures for modern “smart“ buildings are more important than ever before in order to

  • Maintain living comfort
  • Keep work environments up and running
  • Secure production processes

For this reason: Avoid taking unnecessary risks with the help of an efficient protection concept.

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Minimise system downtime and disruptions

The smooth running of railway technology depends on the proper functioning of a great many highly sensitive, electric and electronic systems.
However, this continuous availability of the systems is at risk. Lightning strikes or electromagnetic interference damage or destroy lines, interlocking components, modules or computer systems. They often lead to operational disturbances and time-consuming troubleshooting. This means delayed trains and high follow-up costs. 

Reduce costly disruptions and minimise system downtime.
With a comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept tailored to your special requirements.

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Other solutions

Jean Müller, Hydra, Kries, Kawetra and more

Electrical components including fuse-based switchgears, fuses, EMP-protection, grid detection and protection, capasitors.

Jean Müller

Cable Distribution and Branching Cabinets, Composite

Our new composite cabinets are specifically engineered for the Finnish market, boasting durability even in the most challenging installation environments. They offer cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and low maintenance and servicing costs. Jean Müller also designs and delivers tailor-made solutions to meet specific customer needs.

Sequential Circuit Breakers

These breakers are crafted with the Finnish market in mind, meeting the stringent requirements of Finnish electrical institutions - they are user-friendly and reliable. They come with a wide range of accessories, including extendable cable protectors, fuse indication, and more.

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Hydra provides its products to nearly all producers of pumps, motors and compressors. Hydra is one of the leading suppliers in these mass markets, where quality is a key factor.

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The world leading products for secure and reliable solutions of HEMP/NEMP, over voltage and lightning protection and also in the field of high precision measuring of physical parameters like temperature, humidity and pressure.

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KRIES devices monitor network operations, availability, and various fault conditions, ensuring seamless integration with a variety of monitoring and SCADA systems. Finn Electric also provides cutting-edge Smart Grid solutions including data transmission routers/modems, Wonderware energy management stations, and cybersecurity solutions.

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Hager's DIN NH Fuses are available in size according to DIN from 000 to 2 to suit fuses according to AS/NZS60269.

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Designed for gas-insulated, air-insulated and open air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear, Zelisko’s medium-voltage transformers are successfully deployed around the world, operating in all kinds of weather conditions in indoor and outdoor switchgears. Benefiting from high-grade epoxy-resin insulation, the transformers are designed to provide maintenance-free operation throughout their product life cycle (more than 30 years).

The key benefit offered by Zelisko’s voltage, phase current, earth fault, multifunction and combined sensors is a blend of high-precision measurement with straightforward installation and maximum reliability. The sensors function perfectly in virtually any temperature range, and can be easily and quickly retrofitted without major modifications to switchgear or grid infrastructure. They can operate at voltages up to 72kV with rated currents of up to 50kA.

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Preis is able to offer a wide range of connecting flags for transformer LV bushings, from 50kVA up to 3150kVA.

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